AVSI-SKY Changing lives: Building dreams of the youth through Mushroom Cultivation.

Alex Mbarimombazi a youth from Kisoro District completed his training at MTRC in mushroom value chain, entrepreneurship and Agri-business with support from AVSI/SKY. Hardly 8 months after this course Alex has a story to share with fellow youth. He started his enterprise with merely 250,000 primarily on purchase of spawn which gave yield of over 570,000/=

This motivated him, to further his production. His demand for fresh mushrooms has been rising since then and he set his selling Price for fresh mushrooms at 7,000/= per Kg. Alex harvests over 120Kgs from his garden per cycle yielding on average 850,000/=.

Today he has skilled over 30 Youth in his district and has on going classes. Alex conducts his practical training at a fee from his home and at the District headquarters.

Alex was given a solar dryer by MTRC because of his passion and resilience in the mushroom enterprise.

With his steadily growing income from mushroom enterprise Alex is proud to be paying school fees for his two children promptly. He completed construction of his own house and is empowering the youth and elderly in his area out of malnutrition.

Many thanks to AVSI/Sky for giving hope to the youth – out of unemployment now becoming job creators