Mushroom Farmers showcasing at the 25th Source of the Nile Agricultural and Trade Show. Held at Jinja Showground’s (17th – 23rd July.)

The Source of The Nile Agricultural and Trade Show is a week long national event that brings together farmers from all walks of the sector to showcase and present innovations in agribusiness. This learning platform brings along especially students from schools all over the country.
The mushroom farmers participated in the public discussions presenting mushrooms as the ideal crop in promoting decent rural employment in the agricultural sector.

The youth farmers participated in the debate on the relevance of youth in agribusiness.
The sessions displayed Mushrooms as the No.1 Smart climate farming crop/vegetable amidst the ever changing climate which is a result of poor environmental practices. Mushrooms are an indoor activity hence not dependent on the climatic conditions. As if that’s not enough mushrooms are grown on agricultural wastes and after harvesting mushrooms, the final residue called spent mushroom compost is rich in soil amendment by enhancing the soil fertility and its ability to retain water.

Many thanks to AVSI/SKY and FAO for making this exhibition a learning platform for our Mushroom farmers and the young generation in general.


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