Services & Products

Buy Fresh Oyster Mushrooms (at MTRC Outlets)

  • 1 kg = 8,000 UGX
  • 500gms = 4,000 UGX

Buy Dried Oyster Mushrooms (at MTRC Outlets)

  • 50 gms = 4,000 UGX
  • 25 gms = 2,500 UGX

Visit our Farmers

Are you interested in seeing and knowing how the mushrooms are grown locally? Do you want to drink a cup of Bushera (local drink made from sorghum) with our farmers? What about experiencing life in the rural areas?

Come and talk to us! Guided tours according to your interests can be arranged. For example:

  • 1 hour guided-tour for 40,000 UGX
  • 2 hours guided-tour for 50,000 UGX

(NB: all prices are for groups up to 5 people. 2/3 of the income will directly go the farmers)


  • Complete package, includes 5 days training, at only 250,000 UGX per day. Detailed contents of the trainings offered at MTRC
  • 1 day training in a specific area (post-harvest handling, sterilizing, inoculation, follow-up training etc.) for 150,000 UGX

All prices are for groups up to 40 people and do not include costs for transport, accommodation and meals. The training will take place at the MTRC in Kyanamira, 3 km from Kabale town, along the main Mbarara – Kabale Road.

For any further information please call Peace on: 0772 658 883

Mushroom Spawn / Mycelium

  • 1 Packet of mycelium for 3000 UGX (roughly 3-5 kg of fresh mushrooms can be produced with 1 packet of spawn)

NB: For orders of spawn in large quantities we arrange and send them to you by bus/taxi (within Uganda)

Hire our training hall for meetings or conferences

Price negotiable (Call 0772 658 883)